Administration of Curo Transatlantic Limited /’s Current Ownership:

Please note that the domain name is under new ownership from 6th January 2021. If you wish to contact us for anything from this date onwards, please click here.’s Previous Ownership:

Howard Smith and Ed Boyle were appointed as Joint Administrators of CURO Transatlantic Limited (“CTL”) on 25 February 2019. CTL provided consumer loans and operated under the brands WageDayAdvance and Juo Loans.

Immediately following their appointment, the Joint Administrators concluded a sale of the business of CTL and the majority of its assets to Shelby Finance Limited (“Shelby”), an unconnected purchaser, which is a subsidiary of Morses Club PLC. As part of this sale, a proportion of CTL’s current loan book was purchased by Shelby.

The affairs, business and property of CTL are being managed by the Joint Administrators.

Howard Smith and Ed Boyle are authorised to act as insolvency practitioners by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Wage Day Advance Redress / Claims / Complaints

If you have any historic complaints from any issues originating before 6th Jan 2021, please contact the Joint Administrators above.  As the new owners of this domain we cannot help you with any historic issues.  If you would like to contact us about anything else, we would love to hear from you here.