Cookie Policy (hereby referred to as “us”, “we” or “our”) may use web beacons, cookies, and tracking technology throughout this website. Tracking technologies used on our media channels, mobile websites, applications, and site pages aim to customise your experience on this website.

Wage Day Advance reserves the right to adapt this Cookie Policy at any time, and we will alert all of our customers to any changes by updating the date of this privacy policy in the “last updated” section. Changes to our policies will be effective immediately following the publication of the updated details on this website. You hereby waive the right to receive specific notifications on each change.

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The use of cookies on our website

A cookie is a string of data which assigns an identification code to anyone who visits our website. The cookie is stored on the computer, and the browser offers that unique identifier to us every time you submit a query to a site (such as visiting one of web pages).

We use cookies to track the services you have accessed in the past, record registration information, track your user preferences, allow you to make purchases, and even just stop you from being logged out. Cookies may also help us to track where you go on our website and understand how our visitors use this website.

Types of cookies

The following are some types of cookies you may encounter when using this website:

Advertising Cookies:

Advertising cookies are pieces of data placed on your computer by the advertisers and ad servers you encounter online. These cookies permit advertisers to gather information about your visits to this and other websites. Cookies allow businesses to alternate the ads sent to a specific computer and track the number of times an ad has been viewed by each potential customer.

Analytics Cookies:

These cookies monitor how users arrive on the website, how they interact with and move around on the website, and what kind of features they use. These cookies provide us with information on what kind of features are working best on this site, and what features can be improved.

Our Cookies:

Our cookies are the first-party cookies that can exist in your browser either permanently or temporarily. These cookies are essential to making the site work correctly, and without them, the website will not be able to provide certain functions. Some of these cookies may be manually disabled using your browser, but this may affect the site’s functionality.

Personalisation Cookies:

Personalisation cookies are used to help us recognise repeat visitors to this website. With these cookies, we can record your browsing history, the pages you visit, and the preferences you have each time you visit the site.

Security Cookies:

Security cookies help to protect against security risks. Using unique code, we can authenticate users, and prevent access to data.

Site Management Cookies:

Site management cookies preserve your information for sessions on the site, so you’re not logged off unexpectedly, and any information you enter remains accessible from one page to the next. You cannot remove those cookies on an individual basis, but it is possible to disable bulk cookies in your browser.

Third-party Cookies

These kinds of cookies may appear in your browser when you visit the site by companies that are responsible for some of the services that we offer. These cookies will allow third parties to successfully collect and assess information about you. It is possibly to manually disable the cookies in this browser.

Controlling Cookies on Your Browser

Most browsers will accept cookies as standard, but it is possible to make changes to these preferences within your browser settings. Adjusting the performance of cookies in your browser can affect the functionality and availability of this website. For more information on controlling cookies, you can check the available information for your specific browser.

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Apple Safari
Mozilla Firefox

You may opt-out of some third-party cookie exposure using the Network Advertising Initiative tools here.

Other Tracking Tools

Aside from using browser cookies, we may also use other tools for tracking purposes on this website, including pixel tags, web beacons, cookies, and other solutions to track important information about our clients. These tools are tiny objects embedded in emails or web pages that track the number of users who have visited specific pages.

They collect a limited amount of data such as a cookie number, the date and time of a page or email view, and a description of the page or email they’re using. Web beacons and pixel tags are not possible to decline, but you can control their usage in some ways by adjusting the cookies they interact with.

Privacy Policy

For more information about the way that we use data on this website collect by tracking technologies like cookies, please refer to the Privacy Policy we have for this site. This Cookie Policy is a component of our Privacy Policy. Using this site means you agree to be bound by our policies.

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