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How our loans work

We believe in offering affordable loans, with easy to understand terms, and clear transparent pricing.

We offer our customers the choice between two loans, setup differently so you can choose the best type of loan to suit your circumstances – putting you in control.

Step 1 - Choose the loan that’s right for you

The WageDayAdvance loan

  • Borrow between £80 and £750 (£500 maximum for a new customer)
  • Daily interest charged at 0.8%
  • Repay over 1, 2 or 3 pay periods
  • Flexible repayment feature - the ability to repay all or part of your loan early, without charge, which could reduce the interest you pay
Find out more about the WageDayAdvance loan here

The Advance Plus loan

  • Borrow between £100 and £1,000 (£500 maximum for a new customer)
  • Daily interest charged at 0.79%
  • Repay over 4, 5 or 6 pay periods
  • Structured so you make the same even repayments throughout each month of the loan agreement
  • Flexible repayment feature - the ability to repay all or part of your loan early, without charge, which could reduce the interest you pay
  • No late fees – never pay a penny more than you agree up front
Find out more about the Advance Plus loan here

Step 2 - Applying for your loan

Apply online

Using our straightforward application form; simply choose how much you would like to borrow and over how long before completing the form.

Affordability checks

We will check that the loan is affordable for you. Our lending decision is based on a combination of your circumstances and, for new customers, a full credit check. As a responsible lender, sometimes it isn’t possible to do all of this online, so we may ask you to supply some supporting documentation before making a final decision.

Your online decision

We will aim to offer you a loan amount and term that matches what you have requested. In some circumstances it isn’t always possible to offer you the exact amount or term, and in these instances we will present the nearest available offer to you today.

Receive your funds

Once approved, your loan could be transferred to your bank account within 1 hour. Loan applications completed overnight can take a little longer, but everything is made clear during the application process.

Our Customers

As a responsible lender we ask that all our customers, whether new or existing, consider if taking a loan from WageDayAdvance is affordable and the right choice for them. Short term loans from WageDayAdvance should not be used as long term financial solutions.

Step 3 - Repaying your loan

WageDayAdvance customers have choices

Choose if you would like to repay by direct debit, or set up automatic repayments from your debit card as a continuous payment authority (CPA). Either way, the repayment will be made on your pay date giving you peace of mind. If you’d like to change your repayment method at any time just give us a call.

There is convenience

You can make one or more overpayments against your loan without any charge by calling our friendly call centre. Each overpayment will be deducted from your next repayment, and if you pay more than this the remainder will come off the final balance of your loan reducing the interest you pay.

We strive to understand your circumstances

We’re here for you. We understand that customers take out loans for a variety of reasons and with every intention to repay on time, but things happen along the way – that’s life. If you find yourself facing an unexpected circumstance and you’re uncertain what to do, please give us a call.

You always have options

If you find that you fall behind on your repayments, there are a number of things you can do for yourself, or with our help…
  • Get clarity - understand what repayments you’ve missed and what repayments are still due by logging in online
  • Take control - catch up on part (however small) or all of your missed repayments online using your debit card
  • Contact Us – Give us a call on 0333 006 2000 to tell us about your circumstances and setup a new, affordable, repayment plan.
  • Reassurance – you’ll be able to view your new payment plan, including dates and amounts through your login area
  • Debt Advice - If at any time you want free, independent debt advice you can find available sources here

Talk to us

Whatever you need to talk to us about, whether it’s setting up a new loan, or you’re struggling to repay an existing one, we’re here to help you. Please call us on 0333 006 2000 and our highly trained call center agents will be glad you’ve called. They will listen, answer questions and if needed help you to get back on track.

Our opening times are Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm.