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Rates from 12.9% APR to 1721% APR. The minimum Loan Term is 1 month. The maximum Loan Term is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Repayment of 17 Months at £87.22 and final repayment of £87.70 The total amount repayable is £1570.44. Interest amounts to £570.44, an annual interest rate of 59.97%. Representative APR: 79.5% (variable). 

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk.

WageDayAdvance is a broker, not a lender, and does not make credit decisions. We may receive a commission from the lender.

Sometimes you need extra money, and you need it fast.

When your car breaks down, you don’t have time to wait for payday before you get it fixed, you still have shifts that you need to drive to. When your kitchen floods, ignoring the problem just isn’t an option. There are plenty of little unexpected events in life like this but finding the right solution to fix the issue isn’t always easy.

At WageDayAdvance, we’re solving that problem, one lending solution at a time. By partnering with leading lenders from across the UK, we can help you find the quick loans you need, at a pace that suits you. What’s more, when you find your loan through our brokerage system, you know you’re getting an approved service you can trust!

How quickly can you get a loan?

Getting a loan quickly can be a difficult process when you’re tackling it alone. You can spend hours researching lenders and trying to find the right solution, only to end up frustrated and stressed. At WageDayAdvance, we believe that getting money fast shouldn’t be a nightmare. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the fastest, most dependable lenders around, to bring you the lending solutions you need as quickly as possible.

Even if you haven’t had the best credit history in the past, that won’t stop you from finding the money you need. The lenders we work with are ready to consider a wide range of borrowers, even those with a less than ideal credit score.

Struggling with a thin credit file? That’s not a problem either. We won’t make you jump through hoops when you’re dealing with an emergency just because you haven’t had many loans before.

Our brokerage algorithm will track down the ideal lender without the exhausting interviews and paperwork. All you need to do is follow our simple application process, tell us how much you need to borrow and how long you want it for, and we’ll do the rest of the work on your behalf.

How much would you like to borrow?

Rates from 12.9% APR to 1721% APR. The minimum Loan Term is 1 month. The maximum Loan Term is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,000 borrowed for 18 months. Repayment of 17 Months at £87.22 and final repayment of £87.70 The total amount repayable is £1570.44. Interest amounts to £570.44, an annual interest rate of 59.97%. Representative APR: 79.5% (variable). 

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk.

WageDayAdvance is a broker, not a lender, and does not make credit decisions. We may receive a commission from the lender.

The full application will take less than 2 minutes to complete and to save even more time, you don’t even need to log into a computer, or call a service. You can do everything from your smartphone browser if you prefer, it’s really that simple.

Once you’ve filled out our form, our system will immediately match you to the lender that has the solution that’s right for you. You can get a loan offer in a matter of minutes, and the money you need will be paid out to your bank account in no time – sometimes even the same day.

It’s simple, safe, and most importantly, it’s fast.

Is it easy to get a quick loan?

When you’re dealing with a sudden emergency, the last thing you want is a complicated loan application process. That’s why WageDayAdvance makes it quick and simple to find the ideal lender, apply, and get your loan in no time.

We conduct a soft credit check to determine what lending solutions you’re eligible for. This saves you time on applying for loans that might not be suitable for you. What’s more, with a soft credit check, there’s no long-term impact on your credit rating, so you can keep your reputation clean.

As an FCA-approved broker, we simplify the process of searching for loans into one streamlined experience. There’s no need to jump from website to website making various applications that could harm your credit score. What’s more, our automated brokerage system cuts out the middlemen involved with traditional lending.

Rather than having to sit through exhausting conversations with lenders that ask about your history and your reasons for lending, you can simply fill out a loan application with WageDayAdvance and our software will do the rest. The unique algorithm in our system will search through a full list of reputable UK lenders who are FCA approved, to find you the one that’s right for you. The automatic matching system takes the human error (and the extra time) out of finding the right loan. At the end of your application process, you’ll be offered a loan you can trust from an authorised provider.

Why bother with time-consuming loan applications when you can get the ideal product in less than two minutes!

Can anyone get a loan fast?

Anyone can find themselves in a position where they need to borrow money quickly. At WageDayAdvance, we understand that problems can strike without warning, no matter how well prepared you are. Maybe you’ve been hit with an unexpected bill that you need to pay straight away, or you’re dealing with broken pipes in your bathroom. Issues like this come when you least expect them.

So, why shouldn’t everyone be able to apply for the money they need quickly? At WageDayAdvance, we believe in helping people from all backgrounds to get the money they need quickly. Our automated system can even help match borrowers to lenders who specialise in supporting people with less than perfect credit.

Because we only work with accredited and respectable lenders from across the UK, you’ll know that your poor credit score isn’t stopping you from getting the deal that you deserve. There are no securities to worry about that might make the application process make longer, and you can find the flexible terms that suit you too.

We can match borrowers to lenders for loans between £100 and £5000, and you can find terms ranging from 3 to 36 months depending on your situation. There’s something to suit everyone at WageDayAdvance. Emergencies don’t discriminate – so why should we?

Are quick loans safe?

Worried that quick and convenient loans have to be too good to be true? We understand, that’s why we’re so careful about the way we help our customers track down the perfect loan. As important as speed is, you don’t want to compromise on keeping your credit and your information safe.

We only partner with high-quality lenders who follow the UK regulations, to ensure that you have the peace of mind you need. Our flexible loans are 100% safe, and we’re committed to looking after you from start to finish. We’ll never work with a lender that doesn’t have the right reputation, and we never put our customers at risk.

You even get the added protection of being to choose the loan that’s perfect for you. You can pick the term you want for your loan, and how much you want to spend, and we’ll match you to a provider that specialises in the quick lending solution you need. Since we only perform a soft credit check, your credit score remains safe too!

Quick Questions about Fast Loans

Q: Are fast loans available to people with bad credit?

WageDayAdvance works with a wide variety of lenders from across the UK. We work with regulated providers who specialise in supporting all kinds of customers, including those with poor credit. If your credit rating isn’t the best, our algorithm will use that information when tracking the lender that’s right for you.

Q: Can I get the money the same day?

Our automated system takes minutes to scan your details and match you to the right lender. Once you’re approved for a loan, you should be able to get your money fast. Many short term loan providers can deliver the money to your account in the same day.

Q: Can short-term loans damage my credit?

Loans improve your credit if you pay them off on time and follow the guidelines of the lender. The better you are at paying off your loan, the more you prove yourself to the credit agencies. Our service won’t harm your credit in anyway, as we conduct soft credit checks that don’t leave any marks on your files.

Q: Do I need to speak to an advisor?

Not at all, at WageDayAdvance, we know you don’t have time to wait for an advisor to talk you through your loan. Our service is fully digital, automated, and available online, so you can apply for your loan in a matter of seconds, with no exhausting conversations.

Q: Is there a limit to what you can borrow?

You can borrow anywhere between £100 and £5000 depending on your specific circumstances and the trustworthy lender that our system matches you to. Our lending solutions are flexible enough to suit any emergency situation.

Q: Do I need to explain my reason for getting a loan?

No, you can apply for a loan for whatever reason that suits you. It’s our job to match you with the right lender for your needs at WageDayAdvance, not ask you what you’re borrowing for. Our forms are quick and simple and don’t ask for any information that isn’t necessary.

Q: Will I need to pay the loan back in the same month?

Quick loans often come with a short term time, so you can get yourself back on track as soon as possible. However, you don’t always have to pay what you owe back on your next payday. The lenders we partner with at WageDayAdvance offer a flexible selection of terms ranging from 3 months to 36 months, so you can pay back at a pace that suits you.

Why Use WDA?
How much do you offer?
£100 - £5,000
Quick application.
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1 - 36 months
Flexible repayments.
Bad credit accepted?
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We cater for all.
How do I get a loan?
Apply Online
Secure application.
Representative APR
49.7% (variable)
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Should you consider a quick loan?

Sometimes speed isn’t the most important thing to think about when you’re lending money, but when it is- you can’t afford to waste any time. Emergencies can turn your whole life upside down in a matter of minutes, and without the finances to fix those problems, it feels as though they just keep getting worse. Faster loan solutions from WageDayAdvance make it easier to get the money you need, so you can get back onto your feet.

We get rid of all the annoying extras that can slow down your loan application process, from seeking out the best lender to seeing who might be willing to give you the cash you need. Building partnerships with some of the leading lenders throughout the UK means that we can find a loan solution to suit anyone, no matter how quickly they need to access their cash.

Our brokerage system is quick and simple, with plenty of flexibility to suit all kinds of customers – including you. Whether you’re looking for a few hundred pounds to deal with a serious problem in your car’s engine, or you need a couple of thousand pounds for a kitchen disaster, we’re here to help. At WageDayAdvance, we’ve already helped thousands of people speed up their borrowing process and get the cash they need in no time.

Even better, we don’t compromise on quality for speed either. Our system will only ever match you to an FCA regulated lender, so you can rest easy that you’re protected.

Get Your Loan Now

When you need money now, you can’t afford to waste time with long-winded and exhausting application processes. Waiting for just one day longer than necessary to pay an emergency bill could mean that you have extra fees to deal with. At WageDayAdvance, we understand how stressful it can be to have a sudden expense that you can’t pay on your own.

Our partner lenders are on hand to deliver the solution you need in record time. All you need to do to get started is fill out our handy application form. We’ll bring the short term lending solution you need to you in a matter of minutes, so you can get your world back on track faster.

More FAQ’s

How quick can I get approved today?

Approval for a quick loan happens around 2 minutes after you submit the application. Sometimes less. You can then review the terms presented to you and choose whether or not to sign the loan agreement.

Do you offer quick loan fund transfers?

Loan transfers are initiated at the discretion of the lender you are matched with. Most initiate transfers same day however please keep bank transfer processing times in mind. Some banks only process transactions several times per day.

Are quick loans and payday loans the same thing?

Both quick loans and payday loans are forms of short term, instant lending. The loan amounts offered on both our quick and payday loan products are the same. As are the terms of the loans and their respective repayment requirements.